Returning to the woods

Image In The Dark will be a serial novella with a new chapter posted each week (I will do my best to have them posted every Friday but sometimes it may be late, depending on snafus).

This book will be a return to what my readers seem to like the best… Bigfoot. This is not the sequel to Sticks and Stones. It is a stand alone story and prior knowledge of those events are not needed.

At certain times I will be posting some goodies in a “Behind The Scenes” type section that will show some photos, maps and possibly a video or two to help give you a better look at the settings within the story.

Once to book is complete, this page will remain active for a limited time and then be taken down. I do plan to eventually release the book in paperback and Kindle formats in the future. The idea here is to go back to the basics and do things the (new) old fashioned way.

Please feel free to share this page wherever you would like and help to spread the word if you like what you see.



This book is a work of fiction

Copyright 2012 Charlie Morgan

All Violators WILL Be Fed To Pet Sasquatch